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Hosting ComparisonHosting Comparison
Hosting Comparison
Page speed is incredibly important for your site's user experience and SEO. This factor is especially important on mobile. It also has a direct impact on your site's Google PageRank score.
Notion2Site provides 10-100x faster hosting than competing solutions. 🔥 💪 🔥
If you use Notion's public hosting or one of our competing providers which just proxy Notion's public hosting, many of your mobile users will have to wait on average between 15-30 seconds for a simple page to load and be usable. This is horrible UX and really bad for SEO. 😭
With Notion2Site, your existing pages will load instantly for all of your users, and new pages will load instantly after the first time they're visited (the first visit for a brand new page will take 2-3 seconds to load). All changes you make to your Notion content will be kept in sync and updated live within a few seconds.
We're able to achieve this amazing performance while keeping your content in sync with Notion because we've spent a lot of time building and optimizing our rendering engine powered by Next.js, React, and a snazzy new approach to caching known as incremental static site generation. If you're interested in learning more about this approach, check out our FAQ.
What follows is a more detailed comparison of Google Lighthouse scores for pages hosted with Notion2Site and our competitors.

Lighthouse Comparison


Notion's built-in public hosting (no custom domain) (no custom domain) (no custom domain)





All performance tests were run on the provider's linked demo site using Google Lighthouse, a state of the art tool for testing website performance, accessibility, best practices,and SEO.
Lighthouse scores were collected on June 24th, 2020 and will be updated regularly in the future.
If you want to see the difference for yourself, try loading this page in Notion and then try loading this page in Notion2Site. You can accentuate the difference in page load times for a more real-world comparison by using Google Chrome's DevTools with the following settings.
notion imagenotion image
Make sure "Disable cache" is checked and then change your network speed setting to "Slow 3G." These settings simulate the mobile browsing experience that many of your site's visitors can expect to see.
You will notice that the version of this page hosted with Notion2Site loads ~30-100x faster (even without caching) than Notion's built-in hosting. The same results hold for the other providers listed on this page.
Don't forget to change these settings back after testing. 😂